Exciting Trends in House of Worship Design

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    It’s no secret that attending church, for many, is not the same experience it was in the not-too-distant past. From the buildings themselves to the format of the service, and the fact that there is now often a coffee bar available, houses of worship are embracing changes large and small.

     MemrelundA recent worship trends article on Religious Product News claims  “Air conditioning and heating systems, elaborate lighting, and sound and video systems are allowing us to use buildings in ways we could not imagine only a few years ago. Buildings are becoming high-tech tools for worship, entertainment, education, recreation and fellowship.”

    Technologies for Worship describes  trends in worship lighting that also influence many other areas of church technology like AV systems and space planning.

    • The drama trend – from the once or twice a year holiday programs to the current presence of drama teams, this has increased the needs of the lighting from a simple spot light to much more. Likewise, this increases the capabilities of sound and often video projection to support drama performances.
    • The rock ‘n roll trend – this is rather self-explanatory but we’ll point out that worship bands are becoming the new normal for many churches and requires accompanying light and AV technology6763376915_b4d47bf2d6_z
    • The video trend – a trend that is catching on is the broadcasting of messaging from one worship campus to another, not to mention video announcements and the popular use of video clips
    • The overall changing technology trend – the latest and greatest technology doesn’t stay that way for long, which is why today’s lighting and AV solutions are created to be flexible and expandable to increase utilization over the long term

    There are obviously many considerations for new construction or renovation projects for houses of worship. Fortunately, we have much experience in this field and are here to help. Contact us anytime with your questions.