LED Lighting Helps Churches Do More with Less

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    The website Church Production recently published an article that asserts that LED Lighting has completely arrived. No longer considered an emerging technology; this technology is fully emerged. The article includes references from several lighting manufacturers that report LED lighting options are getting brighter, smaller, and less expensive as technology improves.

    Dean Rockwell, our founder, agrees. “The advent of LED sources for theatrical lighting have changed how lighting systems are designed and have expanded the capabilities for theatrical lighting application in ways never before possible.”

    What is so great about LED lighting compared to traditional incandescent lighting? There are many reasons:

    1. LED uses less power
    2. LED has a longer lifetime
    3. LED is more robust (less flickering, immediate light)
    4. LED fixtures weigh less and are easier to install

    Worship Tech Director, published by EH Media, claimed in a recent article that the tipping point has arrived. The author claims that LED has come so far that the only areas for further innovation are increased brightness and weight reduction as it relates to using LED technologies in church worship stage lighting.

    One of our manufacturing partners for LED technology is Elation Lighting. There is an excellent case study on their site now of a church in South Carolina that has used several different LED technologies in their stage upgrade with excellent results. NewSpring church has a new system that is highly creative and allows for a variety of different looks, used in both their Sunday services and their weekday youth services.

    Curious about how LED could help your House of Worship improve its lighting technology? We have helped many churches achieve amazing results. Contact us today to start the conversation!