Next Level Conference Rooms

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    Be honest. Does technology make your meetings more efficient or does it create stress because it never seems to work right?

    Too often, we find that companies aren’t getting what they need from their meeting spaces: dependable, easy-to-use technology that make meetings more productive.

    Considering that professionals spend up to 31 hours per month in meetings, it seems crucial that their meeting spaces are as optimized as possible.

    According to the International Association of Conference Centers, a few key pieces of technology go into planning for an up-to-date conference room experience:

    • Video conferencing systems
    • Large screen monitors/projectors
    • Screen sharing
    • Interactive white boards
    • Touch-screens
    • Virtual reality systems
    • Lead capture devices
    • Audience interaction/participation
    • Social media displays
    • Trade show or conference apps (mobile)

    Beyond just the technology involved, there are other considerations as well, like room layout, lighting, presence and location of power outlets, and how you communicate teleconference etiquette expectations (i.e. muting your phone when not speaking so everyone doesn’t have to listen to you breathing).

    Many companies learn the hard way AFTER their project is completed what they wish they had known at the beginning. We found a forum that offered some real world advice…

    “Be wary of very long rooms for video conferencing as it can make the people in the room seem so very far away. I may only be 10ft from the camera, but it looks like I am 10 miles away in the video feed.”

    “Be aware of what is behind you so that nothing is distracting the people looking at your video feed.”

    “Can lights in the ceilings can cast awful shadows on people, especially on their noses.”

    A trusted partner can help avoid mistakes and get the most out of your construction or retrofit budget.

    Are you ready to take your conference room to the next level? Whether new construction or retrofit, our team has helped countless clients get the most out of their meeting spaces using the very latest technology. Contact us today to start the conversation!