Outlook for 2016: Interview with Dean Rockwell

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    2016 is here and this is the start of more regular posts to our blog. We welcome your feedback and comments on our content.

    Our first post for this year is a brief interview with our founder and CEO, Dean Rockwell. He shares his perspective with what 2016 will bring.

    deanrockwell_300What lesson did you learn in 2015 that will help you most in 2016?

    This wasn’t a big surprise, but we saw how important it is to constantly stay on top of technological changes, product improvements and other industry developments. We’ll continue to move quickly and innovate in 2016.

    Which of your markets do you anticipate working with most in 2016?

    We anticipate an increase in demand from the commercial sector following an industry forecast of 11% growth over 2015. We also see continued opportunity in the House of Worship sector as a result of our long-standing history serving that market.

    What are you most excited to work on in 2016?

    There will be an ongoing push towards greater implementation of digital transmission of both audio and video signals. This coupled with a greater market awareness of Ultra High Definition Video (UHDTV), will create new opportunities for the upgrade of past systems into the next phase of the ‘digital age’.

    In addition, we will see expanding opportunities for video surveillance and recording as the public responds to an increasing perception of security risk in public areas.

    Other goals for 2016?

    One of goals as a company is to grow our business in the area of corporate and municipal projects. In an era of high tech and high definition these service providers will continue to embrace the way consumers have become accustomed to gathering and understanding information. We are poised to help companies and local governments and municipalities bring the best technology to their employees, customers and constituents.

    We are looking forward to communicating with you on our blog this year!