Parkside Church

    Bainbridge, Ohio

    Parkside Church in Bainbridge, Ohio, is a church comprised of young and old with a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds. The worship and live music is a blend of old and new using a variety of instruments and styles of mu­sic.  Preaching the word of God as led by Senior Pastor Alistair Begg is the cornerstone of the church’s ministry and needs to be heard clear and powerful.

    There were several requirements to be met in order to accomplish all Parkside desired in their new facility.  Among the greatest was creating systems that were ergonomically friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  This meant a clean stage, and the design had to conceal such elements as on-stage connections, speaker systems and sound & lighting control stations.  Also given great attention, was the traffic flow for all worship and technical personnel involved with services in order prevent any disruptions and distractions.

    Solutions included incorporating the speaker system and acoustics in to a holistic approach to the ceiling design and layout.  The speaker system was designed as a ringed horizontal array about the axis of the fan shaped room so the coverage of the room was symmetrical and uniform lending to a much simpler design with excellent results.

    The sound and lighting control stations were located in a balcony centered at the rear of the main auditorium, and the audio post production room was in a isolated room just above and behind this balcony area.

    Project Details

    New Construction // Seat Count 1500

    Steven Walker MS, AIA, ASA

    • Architectural Acoustics
    • Audio Post Production Systems Design & Build
    • Audio/Video Systems Design & Build